Star Power!

Creating Success … Hollywood Style

Do it! … The SDP Process

SDP stands for Scripting, Directing, and Performing. Each step can help us achieve goals and maximize our performance.
Within each step of the SDP model are four critical ‘rules’ or guidelines drawn from Hollywood’s finest—the same rules that can help us be more effective in our lives.
Collectively, the twelve rules create a comprehensive guide to achieving powerful performance.

Achieving great results in our lives is similar to producing a great film. Each requires…
a great SCRIPT, solid DIRECTING, and a powerful PERFORMANCE!

Powerful Scripting Rules

As the central character of your life events:
1. You must be engaging.
2. You must have a winning goal.
3. You must have a plan.
4. You must grow as a person.

Powerful Directing Rules

As the driving force behind your own success:
1. You must set up each scene.
2. You must face and embrace conflict.
3. You must visualize your success.
4. You must make it happen.

Powerful Performance Rules

As the lead ‘actor’ in your performance:
1. You must bring your character to life
2. You must develop the talent
3. You must be able to perform under pressure
4. You must put your heart into it

The SDP process is much more than just another performance model. It can become a way of life once the reader experiences the benefits of putting it into action.

DOWNLOAD the SDP Template for you to use, here!
SDP Form 1

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